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Pregnant women need a lot of support throughout their pregnancies, but support is especially important during labor and delivery. Many women are unaware of the benefits (or even the opportunity) of having an acupuncturist present during the birth of a baby. Practitioners at The Nest have had the honor of providing care to many laboring mothers, and have witnessed first-hand what an important role acupuncture plays during this momentous event.

“Jennifer helped me through acupuncture to dilate from 7cm to 10cm, in about 30 minutes, after my labor had stalled out. If she had not been present at my birth, I would have likely been in labor for at least a few more hours and/or faced unwanted medical interventions. If a woman were attempting to have a natural childbirth experience, I would highly recommend Jennifer Paschen. Not only is she an amazing acupuncturist, for the above reasons, but also during labor she offers tremendous support since she too delivered a child naturally. She is also helpful postpartum in getting your body to return to a healthy state. I am thankful that I have her in my life!”

– Aggie

For centuries, acupuncture has been used to assist women naturally during childbirth. As we mention in the Childbirth section of our website, the many benefits of acupuncture for labor and delivery include:

– Increase cervical ripening
– Induce labor naturally
– Shorten active labor
– Naturally support the progression of labor
– Manage pain during labor and delivery
– Sustain energy levels during labor
– Promote proper position of the baby during labor
– Alleviate anxiety, fear, and frustration
– Maintain healthy blood pressure
– Reduce the likelihood of a cesarean section, as well as the need for other interventions.

Studies have shown that acupuncture can shorten active labor by an average of 200 minutes (and any laboring woman would gladly welcome a reprieve of 3 1/2 hours) and significantly reduces the perception of pain.

This recent study from The Journal of Perinatal Education analyzes the positive effect of acupuncture on initiating labor for women who’ve had a premature rupture of membranes.

For additional testimonials from clients of The Nest, click here.

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