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In Traditional Chinese medicine, all living beings are a part of the whole of Nature and are directly and indirectly influenced by changes in season. Each season correlates with a different organ system. Fall corresponds with the Lung system, which has dominion over respiration, skin, and blood circulation. Dry, windy weather and the first chill can irritate the nose and throat. Nourishing this system can strengthen your immunity now and for the upcoming winter. Here are five easy ways you can boost your immunity:

Stay Warm

Keep your neck covered and your body temperature regulated. Wear a scarf and hat and don’t forget warm socks.

Protect Digestion

Protect and repair digestion by eating nourishing, warm cooked foods like soups and stews and healthy warm drinks. Consider taking a probiotic. A healthy digestive system is the foundation of strong immunity.

Enjoy Moderate Exercise

Moderate exercise such as walking, gentle yoga or tai chi (as opposed to a high intensity work out) is beneficial at this time. Losing too much sweat weakens the body’s defenses.

Avoid Sugar

Sweets can weaken digestion, which in turn lowers the protective energy of the body.


Laughing lowers stress and boosts endorphins and circulation throughout the body. Make time for fun and friends.

If you are already feeling sick, acupuncture, gua sha and cupping are very effective in helping the body over-come colds and flus, especially when caught in the early stages. At The Nest, we do our best to fit you in at the onset of your illness. Custom made Chinese medicinals and elixirs are available for patients to take home to help fully resolve colds, flus, coughs, and sinus issues — or whatever has got you feeling under the weather. Because we specialize in women and children’s health, we are ready to treat the whole family, even peevish little ones.

At home you can treat the first tickle in your throat with warming and restorative miso soup or ginger tea, or you may want to try a Traditional cold cure tea.

Classic Cold Cure Tea

Simmer two cinnamon sticks, three dates and a one-inch slice of ginger in two cups of water until the tea is reduced to one cup. Drink eight ounces twice a day.

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