Acupuncture for kids? Really?

Absolutely! Here’s what one Nest mother had to say:

Our daughter has Beckwith-Wiedemann Syndrome. The syndrome causes her to grow faster than other children and she has experienced a great deal of discomfort in her few short months of life as well as a lack of sleep. We knew that there was a happy baby underneath it all and turned to Jennifer when western approaches to upset tummies and general discomfort failed. Within a few short weeks, our happy baby emerged!!! Not only have her gastrointestinal issues settled down but she now sleeps as a baby should – peacefully. We cannot thank Jennifer enough for using her wonderful gift to help our little girl.
— MW

Many of our new clients have questions about how acupuncture functions in restoring and maintaining health. Here is a brief explanation: The life energy flowing through the body, which is termed Qi (pronounced “chee”), can be influenced and balanced by the stimulation of specific points on the body (via needles or other means). These points are located along channels of energy known as meridians that connect all of our major organs. According to Chinese medical theory, illness arises when the cyclical flow of Qi along the meridians becomes unbalanced or is blocked. This is true for children as well as adults, and children often derive great benefit from Chinese medicine (Pediatric Acupuncture).

Correcting these imbalances at a young age serves to promote well-being and prevent further health and wellness issues in adulthood. Many common childhood conditions which are resistant to conventional medicine respond well to TCM therapy. Chinese medicine is a safe, drug-free, holistic and curative approach to promoting your child’s wellness, using massage, herbal medicine, acupuncture, needle-free acupuncture, nutrition and/or lifestyle therapies to treat both acute and chronic conditions as well as helping to prevent your child from developing future ailments.

When children come for treatment at The Nest we spend time looking at the child’s history—everything from conception to birth and after. All of these elements are vital clues in understanding the child’s constitution and current state of health, and aid in the development of  a treatment plan.

The actual treatment time depends on the age of the child and the severity and duration of the current symptom or complaint. For the very young (infants and toddlers) the treatment can last a minute or less—acupressure is often used instead of needles. If needles are used, they are not left in but merely touch the selected points. For older children we may use acupressure or acupuncture, again, it really depends on the condition that we are treating. If needles are used, they are hair-fine and most children do not even feel them going in. The reaction we get the most is “are the needles in? Wow. Cool.” Older children report feeling very relaxed and calm. One 10-year old patient said, “If there is anywhere in the entire world to relax, The Nest is the place.”

Here are a few of the pediatric health concerns that we treat at The Nest:
• Chronic, recurrent colds, flu, ear infections
• Pre and post immunization treatment (immune system support)
• Allergies, asthma
• Eczema, hives
• Colic, reflux
• Failure to thrive
• Insomnia
• Constipation or diarrhea
• Bedwetting
• Anxiety and depression
• Headaches
For teens:
• Sports injuries
• Test anxiety
• Irregular menstrual cycles
• Headache/migraines
• Eating disorders

Give us a call for more information about how Traditional Chinese Medicine can help these or other ailments, or to set up an appointment: 773.267.0248.

Pediatric pricing is $85 for the initial visit, $50 for follow ups.

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