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In Chicago, the teacher’s strike is over and kids are back to school. Families have another opportunity to get into a healthy school routine.

Did you know that pediatric acupuncture can help with the transition back to school by bolstering your child’s immunity, sharpening their focus, and easing nerves? We’ve been giving back-to-school treatments at The Nest.

Here is why they are so popular:

Build Immunity

Acupuncture is proven to increase the level of T-Cells in the body which fight off bacteria and viruses. This increase in T-Cells lasts for several days after the treatment, making it a great tool for prevention against winter illnesses. Arm your child’s immune system with fighters before they enter their bustling, happy, germ-filled classroom.

Improve Concentration and Focus

A 2008 study found that acupuncture significantly improved “learning and memory capacity” that had been impaired by illness. The “Third Eye Point” located directly between the eyebrows is good for improving memory and concentration. It clears the mind and creates an overall sense of well being.

Ease Nerves and Build Confidence

There may be times when your child or teen experiences extra stress — the start of school, during testing, or because of changing social dynamics. Acupuncture has a regulatory effect on hormones and increases dopamine and overall energy. Traditional Chinese Medicine aims to assess and treat the body, mind, spirit, and emotions in every session to bring about cumulative, whole, healing. If you’d like to know more about how acupuncture can help with anxiety or depression, this article is a good source of information.

Immunization Support

We provide pre and post immunization support to help your child’s immune system assimilate vaccinations. We also have the information you may need if you choose to forgo or delay your immunizations. Read more about this important service here

Exciting News! The Nest was just featured in a TimeOut Kids article on why families are choosing alternative health treatments for their children. Parents are seeing the value of these non-invasive treatments in their children’s health and it’s wonderful to share the resource of a mother’s experience. Take a look at what mothers and practitioners have to say about alternative modalities. It also includes a helpful directory of practitioners and treatment options. 

Don’t forget support for you!

Don’t forget to schedule an appointment for yourself! During a quiet half hour all to yourself, practitioners will see to it that you — the person keeping it all together — is relaxed and fortified for the days ahead.

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A Year’s Plan Starts With Spring
-Chinese Proverb

It’s easy to feel a boost of energy in the Spring with the fresh, sunny days and blossoming trees signaling new life and regeneration.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Spring relates to the liver and gallbladder organs, our body’s detoxification system.


The Liver system is known as the “farmer who cultivates”. It governs and regulates the blood and the flow of Qi (life force) energy to promote circulation. It processes our emotions and nourishment, eliminating what is not needed.

The Gallbladder system governs decision making and gives us the courage and ability to make decisions. The gallbladder also plays an essential role in the smooth flow of Qi throughout the body.
How Can We Help These Hard Working Organs to Boost Our Vitality in Spring?
Choose Light, Clean Foods
To be in harmony with the qualities of Spring, the foods we eat should provide a gentle cleansing from the heavier foods we ate during the winter months.

Try eating plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits such as; grapefruit, apples, radishes, daikon, broccoli, asparagus, lettuce, leeks, and shiitake mushrooms. Eat lean poultry and meats, preferably grass fed, that are grilled or steamed, not fried. Enjoy complex grains like brown rice and millet. Additionally, food and drink that taste sour are thought to stimulate Qi, so enjoy lemon slices in your water and oil and vinegar dressing or olives.

Fresh Air and Movement
According to TCM, the liver stores blood during periods of rest and then releases it to the tendons in times of activity, maintaining tendon health and flexibility. Find a daily stretching routine that works for you like yoga or tai chi. Fresh air helps liver qi flow so try to take a walk on your lunch break or try an outdoor sport like soccer with your friends or family.

Seasonal acupuncture treatments can tone your organ systems, aid in your detoxification efforts, and correct small imbalances before they lead to greater disturbances.

Giving our bodies extra support now will not only give us an immediate boost, it will strengthen our systems for the rest of the year. Likewise, investing in time to contemplate our lives and realign our focus, if needed, can help keep us on the path to reach our goals for the future.

Renew Your Mind and Spirit
Spring is a time of birth and change. Reflect on your priorities or goals in life and give them merit. Take opportunities that come your way, give yourself time to explore your creativity, or learn something new.

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Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is a common hormonal disorder affecting as many as 1 out of 15 women.

PCOS is caused when hormone production grows out of balance, typically with the ovaries producing more androgen hormone than is needed. Researchers also believe there is a link with insulin resistance. Many women with PCOS have elevated levels of insulin in their bodies and excess insulin appears to increase production of androgen.

PCOS may cause women to stop ovulating, have irregular periods, or grow small cysts on the ovaries. Many women aren’t diagnosed until they have trouble becoming pregnant. Fortunately, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has a long history of treating PCOS. It was first written about in The Complete Book of Effective Prescriptions for Diseases of Women. Published in 1237 A.D., it was the first book devoted solely to gynecology and obstetrics in Chinese Medicine.


Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) views PCOS as stagnation in the body.

When there is stagnation in the body it impedes the flow of energy and blood. In the case of PCOS, the stagnation is related to the lower part of the body. TCM employs acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine to address the stagnation and hormone imbalance and thus help regulate menstrual cycles and promote ovulation. Chinese medicine is unique in that it considers the entire landscape of the body and treats imbalance and disease at the root of the problem. As such, patients benefit from an improvement in their overall health as a result of treatment.


Hearing from someone who has gone through the ups and downs of fertility treatment can sometimes provide the greatest comfort and help.

We thank Adriana for sharing her story of overcoming the diagnosis of PCOS and infertility. We hope it gives you hope and empowers you in your quest for treatment.

I always had irregular periods and was diagnosed with PCOS in my mid-twenties.  I was aware that besides the amenorrhea and being overweight (in my case) there was also the chance of infertility. When my husband and I were ready for kids I went off contraception (the ring) and had a huge disruption in my periods.

My doctor put me on progesterone and she mentioned that I probably wasn’t ovulating so she referred me to a fertility specialist. All my blood work and tests were fine, so after the fertility doctor talked about drugs, shots, artificial insemination and in-vitro fertilization, I was overwhelmed.  I asked to start with the least invasive method since everything seemed to be fine and started taking metformin.

Talking to a friend, she mentioned acupuncture and recommended The Nest. I called to set up an appointment and started my treatment in July 2011. The acupuncturist (Jennifer) said I had a lot of stagnation in that area and I was happily surprised that it only took a couple of months for me to start getting a regular period; and even happier when I tried an ovulation predictor kit in November and had a positive result.  I could ovulate.

I got pregnant in December and sadly lost that pregnancy around 4 weeks later. I continued with the treatment and without tracking my ovulation -since I was supposed to wait a month to try again- I got pregnant right away! Today I am on my eighth week and very glad I came to the Nest. I am grateful for their work and for giving me a natural option to achieve conception. I am still in treatment and feel great; I believe the benefits show in my overall health.


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