Drink more water, but not THAT much!

Young African American woman drinking water.

This is a guest post from W.E. Gaile

Its been resurfacing recently that the age old myth of drinking 8 glasses of water a day has been debunked! What? A blanket statement from 1945, suggesting an entire species of varying sizes, locations, and activity levels, should ingest the same amount of life giving H2O regularly, was wrong?!  No way… As it turns out, doctors have been doing a lot of research on how much water is the correct amount to drink per day, and the answer, as its always been, is up to you.

Some people drink too much water and over-hydrate themselves creating an imbalance of sodium & electrolytes within their bodies. It also weakens your digestive and excretory systems, especially your kidneys. Your body needs to actively process all liquids—just like foods—and not just have them flow through you. Over time, this could put some of your important organs through much suffering.

Some people don’t drink nearly enough water—leaving their pee a toxic yellow/brown, easily becoming more irritable, over eating due to misinterpreting thirst for hunger, and generally being more uncomfortable simply because your body is drying out.

      *A good rule that i like to follow is, sleep when you’re tired, eat when you’re hungry, and drink when you’re thirsty! As long as you’re in tune with how your body is working, and what it needs, you’ll be able to adjust your eat/sleep/drink schedule around anything. From week long treks in the desert, to cat naps in the rain. **Drinking warm water (i.e. Tea)  before and after meals greatly lubes up the whole process of digestion, making for a better life in the bathroom.

After all these years of trying to get people to drink more water, its time to pump the brakes! We are human people! There is no one rule that will cover us all. So we must yet again, resolve to listening to our bodies. These bodies of ours are incredibly fine tuned to let you know when you need water well before you’re in danger of becoming tragically dehydrated. You simply need to learn to listen. If i find that my saliva is sticky, or my muscles are tight, if my urine isn’t mostly light in yellowish hue, if i have a headache, or if my tongue is dry, then I DRINK SOME WATER! You know why? Because thats my body saying “Hey, drink some water”. It sounds simple enough, but sometimes its hard to pay attention to your body’s signs when life provides distractions.

I thought I was ahead of the game by keeping my Nalgene bottle close at hand, downing 3-4 litters of water a day, just to be safe. I was close, but everything depends on what you’re doing, where and who you are, and what you’ve eaten. You ingest a significant amount of your daily water simply through the food you eat. You lose a lot of water through your skin when you’re out in the heat, sweating. You may notice you pee much less when you’re sweating a lot, and that you need to keep replenishing that water source if you want to keep operating properly. We’re basically a walking, talking fish out of water, so we must stay wet at all times.

Be like a house plant. When you water them the proper amount they look proud and upright, green and fresh, bold and ready for the world! When you don’t water them right, they get all brown and sad, crunchy and uninspired. Their lust for life has dried up with their dirt and so will yours. Be good to yourself and drink WATER, not soda, crystal light, sports drinks, four-loco, or any other sad excuse for the real deal. You wouldn’t do that to your house plant (or your walking fish), would you?

As I said dear humans, we are but just that—human—and everyday brings on different weather and we’re going to have to roll with it. Somedays you may only need a glass of water, and somedays you’ll need a gallon. So while you’re out there, being your beautiful self, just be listening. Your body will tell you what it needs. All you must do is feed your need.

Be yourself, be free when you think, and when you start to get thirsty, HAVE A DRINK!

-W.E. Gaille



No, You Do Not Have to Drink 8 Glasses of Water a Day, Aaron E. Carroll, NYT

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