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It is so hard to see your child suffer through the continual discomfort of allergies.

You do your best to keep the worst symptoms of chronic conditions from flaring up and you always wonder if there is more you can do. Many caring parents like you are coping with this issue. The number of individuals with allergies has increased dramatically over the last few decades. “Among children up to 4 years of age, the incidence of asthma has increased 160%, and the incidence of atopic dermatitis has increased twofold to threefold. Approximately 0.5-1% of the US population is affected by peanut allergy and the incidence has doubled in the past decade. These figures demonstrate that allergic disorders in children are a serious public health problem, and the need to find new treatments for these disorders. Current conventional medications for allergic disorders for children are not fully satisfactory. There are also concerns of known side effects of corticosteroids…”

We understand the stress you feel dealing with chronic conditions. Traditional Chinese Medicine offers a lasting solution to allergies and chronic childhood conditions such as ear infections and respiratory illnesses by healing the imbalances that cause these conditions.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), childhood corresponds with Spring, a time of rapid transformation and growth. Children become sick easily but respond just as quickly to treatment. Gentle TCM techniques like point therapy and Tuina (an acupressure and massage technique) are very effective at balancing children’s energetic systems and can eradicate symptoms completely. The mother of one of our young patients shares her story:

I started bringing my son to Jen when he was one year old. His initial diagnoses of peanut and tree nut allergies had expanded to included dairy and soy and we were regularly struggling with digestive problems, sleep disruptions and eczema. Jen’s treatments helped relieve the digestion, sleep and skin issues. And within a few months our allergist’s diagnoses for dairy and soy had been reduced to the status of ‘minor irritant’. I’m so grateful for how much less stress I have in the care of my son and delighted at how strong his immune system has become. (ZML)

Because TCM treats the energetic system of the body, patients usually experience added benefits they hadn’t anticipated. The XiaoXiao clinic in Milan conducted a pilot study of 29 children over a period of a year. Most were treated for recurrent respiratory infections. While the 17 children who completed the study showed significant improvement with their respiratory issues, the doctors noted anecdotally that, “Something extraordinary also happened at home:  they started to sleep in their own beds. The parents reported that their children became more confident, assertive and secure. Other children, initially very agitated and demanding, became more relaxed, with better behavior and improved sleep…one can clearly witness how an improved circulation of Qi positively influences the mental and emotional aspects of a child’s development.” (“Paediatric Tuina and Acupuncture: The Xiaoxiao Clinic In Milan – The Journal of Chinese Medicine.” The Journal of Chinese Medicine & Traditional Chinese Medicine. Web. 12 Dec. 2011. <>)

Early or preventative treatment is ideal with children. The core of preventative treatment is understanding each child’s unique constitution and tendency towards specific patterns of dis-ease. Parent’s knowledge of their child’s patterns, along with the Practitioner’s TCM constitutional evaluation is a combination for success. With treatment, your child’s symptoms can be managed or eradicated all together.

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