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We are very excited to introduce The Nest’s very own Chinese granular herbal pharmacy. Now, in addition to the tablets and tinctures that we have been prescribing for years, we also have the capability to create custom formulas in-house to better serve our patients.

What are granulars? The process of creating granulars involves decocting the herbs and evaporating the water content. The result is a powder that is concentrated at a ratio of 1:15. The prescribed dose is mixed with boiling water to create a tea. The Nest has chosen to use two companies for our pharmacy: Evergreen and Legendary Herbs. Each of these companies operates with an exceptionally high standard of quality, and performs thorough testing to ensure the purity and safety of the herbs they sell.

As with all of the herbs at the Nest, custom granular formulas are prescribed according to each individual’s Chinese medical diagnosis, and are highly efficacious in supporting fertility. Medical studies have indicated that acupuncture and certain Chinese herbs, in addition to treating constitutional issues, can increase blood flow to the ovaries and uterus, stimulate ovulation in women, and can help increase sperm motility in men. Because we are mixing the granulars in-house, usually on a weekly basis, each formula can be fine-tuned to reflect each patient’s cycle and overall health.

The Nest can also fill custom formula orders for the patients of other Chinese medicine practitioners who may not carry a full granular pharmacy. Simply call the office for availability and pricing.

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