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Have you adjusted to our crisp, blustery Autumnal weather?

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, each season corresponds with an organ system in the body. Autumn corresponds with the Lungs which are a “tender organ”, susceptible to wind and cold. If you don’t transition well into Fall — not getting enough sleep or continuing to dress in lighter, summer clothes — you may weaken your defenses and become more vulnerable to colds, allergy, and sinus problems. The transition to Fall can be difficult when you live in a city like Chicago where it is 80 degrees one day and 55 degrees the next. As parents and professionals we can attest that in the busy transitions from the start of school schedules to the holidays, we can neglect our sleep. This is why we recommend having the cold and flu preventative formula on hand. It is meant to be taken at the first whisper of a cold or flu. If taken at the onset of illness, you will only need to take it for up to three days. This formula will give your body the strength it needs to overcome the imbalance, thus preventing you from the drain of full sickness.

What is the Cold & Flu Preventative Formula?

The Cold & Flu Preventative Formula is made up of a synergistic combination of herbs that fight invading pathogens while strengthening Qi (life-force) and balancing yin and yang energy. In part, the herbs in this basic, nourishing formula will balance yin and yang, releases stiffness, clear heat, and nourish fluids. In scientific studies, some herbs in this formula were found to be anti-inflammatory, antibiotic or had immune stimulating properties. With these herbs in hand, rest and fluids are still very important, but you will no longer need to “just wait it out” the way you usually do with colds and viruses.

Typically, we create custom blended herbs according to the presenting symptoms and constitution of each individual. However, because the cold and flu formula is predominantly a balancing formula with a pathogen fighting component, it is an excellent tool to have on hand for anyone to prevent sickness before it advances. The proper dosage is adjusted for adults or children. If you live in the Chicago area and are interested in this formula, feel free to call us so we can answer your questions and make up a formula for you.

For more information on bolstering immunity for Fall and Winter, take a look at this blog post.

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In Chicago, the teacher’s strike is over and kids are back to school. Families have another opportunity to get into a healthy school routine.

Did you know that pediatric acupuncture can help with the transition back to school by bolstering your child’s immunity, sharpening their focus, and easing nerves? We’ve been giving back-to-school treatments at The Nest.

Here is why they are so popular:

Build Immunity

Acupuncture is proven to increase the level of T-Cells in the body which fight off bacteria and viruses. This increase in T-Cells lasts for several days after the treatment, making it a great tool for prevention against winter illnesses. Arm your child’s immune system with fighters before they enter their bustling, happy, germ-filled classroom.

Improve Concentration and Focus

A 2008 study found that acupuncture significantly improved “learning and memory capacity” that had been impaired by illness. The “Third Eye Point” located directly between the eyebrows is good for improving memory and concentration. It clears the mind and creates an overall sense of well being.

Ease Nerves and Build Confidence

There may be times when your child or teen experiences extra stress — the start of school, during testing, or because of changing social dynamics. Acupuncture has a regulatory effect on hormones and increases dopamine and overall energy. Traditional Chinese Medicine aims to assess and treat the body, mind, spirit, and emotions in every session to bring about cumulative, whole, healing. If you’d like to know more about how acupuncture can help with anxiety or depression, this article is a good source of information.

Immunization Support

We provide pre and post immunization support to help your child’s immune system assimilate vaccinations. We also have the information you may need if you choose to forgo or delay your immunizations. Read more about this important service here

Exciting News! The Nest was just featured in a TimeOut Kids article on why families are choosing alternative health treatments for their children. Parents are seeing the value of these non-invasive treatments in their children’s health and it’s wonderful to share the resource of a mother’s experience. Take a look at what mothers and practitioners have to say about alternative modalities. It also includes a helpful directory of practitioners and treatment options. 

Don’t forget support for you!

Don’t forget to schedule an appointment for yourself! During a quiet half hour all to yourself, practitioners will see to it that you — the person keeping it all together — is relaxed and fortified for the days ahead.

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